Daily Schedule: Reduce classroom anxiety


I’m not a morning person and so often in the morning I’m scrambling to get ready for the day and posting today’s schedule is my last priority. After many years of students pointing out that the schedule on my board is yesterday’s schedule, I finally assigned a student to it as a job (see Classroom Economy for more information). 

In order to make it simple for a student to do the schedule, I laminated the class titles and put a magnet on the back of them so a student could arrange them on the whiteboard every day.  While I was making the titles I also thought about how important it is to have pictures to support my struggling readers and improve student memory of the schedule.

Also with the increasing anxiety of our students, schedules are one small structure that can help to reduce student’s anxiety, so that they can predict what’s next.  In addition, the student helper will reduce your anxiety because it is one less thing for you to do in the morning.  Finally, here is my Daily Schedule that you can print out – hope that too reduces your stress!

Downloadable Resource:

Daily Schedule

How do you post your daily schedule?
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