Día de los niños

Día de los niños

In my Spanish class today and at Books del Sur, we celebrate children every day by recognizing the United Nation’s Rights of the Child established in 1959.  I created this video to introduce them. Celebramos Dia de los Ninos We love how Saúl Schkolnik describes and illustrates the rights in his book Stories Rights of a Child.  He summarizes them as:

1. Right to hear a story (added by Schkolnik)

2. Right to be loved and cared for

3. Right to education and play

4. Right to culture, religión, and language

5. Right to an identity

6. Right to equality

7. Right to express yourself

8. Right to share

9. Right to learn

10. Right to quality life

The book includes stories to illustrate each of the rights identified by Schkolnik and the full United Nations Proclamation.  You can purchase the book at:

 For more information on Dia de los ninos celebrations go to American Library Associations Page: http://dia.ala.org/

How do you celebrate children?


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