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Book Genres: Lessons & Resources

flying books in the cloudsA well-organized class library makes book choice efficient so that your students spend more time reading!  When I started teaching at the elementary level, I found Beth Newingham’s classroom website.  I downloaded everything and stole all of her ideas.  Partially out of desperation, but also out of serious desire to just be her.  She is so organized and colorful!  Currently, she blogs for Scholastic .  I am not sure you can get her Genre Posters, but they were awesome!  

They were so awesome I translated them and tried to put my own twist on them, but since I have no rights to book covers, I did not include them on mine (as Newingham did). Oh, and in the Newingham spirit, I also created labels (included in the document) for the classroom library baskets or boxes. While they look plain, I would strongly encourage you to pass them out to your students and have them draw or write titles of books that fit under that genre. 

Classroom activity: personalize the genre posters

Some people like to spread all of their classroom library books all over the carpet and have students organize them.  Others prefer to organize them beforehand.  Either way, assigning students to add titles or illustrations to the posters will rein
Spanish-language genre postersforce their exploration of the genre. 

You can also have the students present the books and the posters with their own art or written descriptions to the class. Then you can close the lesson by having the students glue the Genre Descriptions (also in the document) into their notebooks so that they can refer to it before they read.

Download the free Spanish-language genre posters

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What do you do to introduce genres in your bilingual classroom?


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