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Parent Teacher Conferences: 3 Resources for Success

After many years of feeling anxious about parent teacher conferences, I have finally settled on three resources that really help me feel prepared.
    1. I pick three different dates for scheduling conferences: the early release day before conferences, one evening, and the day we are released for meeting with parents.  Two weeks before conferences I send a letter home so families can select a meeting date and time from a list of choices (Conference Sign Up Sheet 20 minutesConference Sign Up Sheet 30 minutes). Sometimes I send it home multiple times, calling if necessary, to ensure that each family signs up for a time slot.

    1. A week before our conference I send home a confirmation letter (Recordatorio de conferencias).

  1. Finally, before we meet, I have the students organize their work, I review it, and I write down some notes (Parent-Teacher Conference notes).  Unlike traditional report card comments, these notes reflect informal observations and anecdotes. I photocopy them and give them to parents during our time together.

Despite the initial anxiety, I feel about having everything ready for parents, I have always loved meeting personally with families and hearing them talk about their children.  I hope that these resources simplify your conference preparation so that you can enjoy your time with your students’ families.

Downloadable Resources:

  • Conference Sign Up Sheet 20 minutes
  • Conference Sign Up Sheet 30 minutes
  • Recordatorio de conferencias
  • Parent-Teacher Conference notes

What do you do to set-up and prepare for Parent - Teacher conferences?

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