Students at the Aldo Leopold Nature Center.

3 Tools to Organize Field Trips

Students at the Aldo Leopold Nature Center.

Field trips are an essential part of learning through concrete experiences, and fortunately, there are many places that have amazing programs to promote student learning.  My students always loved the theater and running around large fields at the nature center.

At the beginning of the year (during the open house) I survey (Encuesta de Paseos)  the parents to get some ideas and feedback.  

Before the actual field trip, there are many details you need to organize:  the bus, lunches, payments, and parent communications.  It is essential to communicate with the parents.  Be sure to check your district policy on field trips – each district I've taught in has had different rules.  In my last district, parents signed permission slips at the beginning of the year and we could not deny a student’s participation based on a student not paying.  

I often relied on the PTO to supplement our trips, I rarely asked for more than $5.00, and I found that almost all students paid. Below there are a few examples (Paseo al Centro de Naturaleza, Paseo al Teatro ) of field trip letters and an essential tool for the trip – Lost on a Field Trip  Note.  I would copy them on colored paper and have the students put them in their pockets before our trip.  Fortunately, no student ever had to use them, but it was an anxiety relief tool for me too!

Downloadable Resources

  • Encuesta de Paseos

  • Lost on the Feild Trip Note 

  • Sample Letter: Paseo al Teatro

  • Sample Letter: Paseo al Centro de Naturaleza

What tool is essential for your field trips?  Where is your favorite place to go?
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