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The reason I use a reading log for homework is to get the students to read more. Research by Stephen Krashen and Richard Allington prove again and again that the more choice reading students do the better readers they are.

What students read is controlled during Read Alouds and Guided Reading.  Therefore, homework is often the only time students get to read what they want.  To ensure students are reading and understand what they ar reading, I had students record a few simple points of information. Although I was not a stickler about exactly what they wrote, getting them to write about what they read was one more step toward their reading comprehension.  I included space for them to write 3-5 sentences about the book.

Practically speaking, I would copy the log back to back on a sheet so that the students would turn in one sheet of paper on Friday mornings.  Students would check out books from the classroom library (see post on Classroom Library) from the Class Librarian (see post on Classroom Economy).  I lost a few books, but it was worth it to ensure that the students read something and they did not have an excuse that they didn’t have anything to read.

I usually did a book swap (see Book Swap post) at the end of the year to encourage summer reading, but you can also organize one at the beginning and midway through the year so that students have books at home. 

How do you encourage your students to read outside of class? 

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