Snack: Community Meal Made Simple

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Snack: Community Meal Made Simple

Our school was fortunate enough to receive the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Grant provided by the state for the past few years, and as a result I did not have to worry about providing a snack 3 days a week!  However, Mondays and Fridays were always a scramble. 

I finally figured out a system, I created a schedule and assigned my classroom Snack Helpers (see Class Economy) to send home reminder notes.  I also found that a cereal mixture led to the least number of complaints.  I would encourage the students to bring in a cereal, pretzels, or oyster crackers and mix them all together in a small sealed plastic container (especially important to avoid rodents).  Also, I found that I would need to have a backup stock of snacks for students with peanut allergies.

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Snack Reminder

How do you manage snack in your classroom?  What is your favorite snack?

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