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Summer Reading Recharge

I love summer time because it is a time when I can finally read. I mean I read during the school year, but not like I do in the summer. Summer reading is a time for me to get into good juicy books. My recent obsession came about because of the movies "Girl with a Dragon Tattoo". The main characters were so engaging, that once I saw the first movie then I saw the second. I had to read the third book to know what happens next and how so many story lines would be resolved.

Today so many kids books are made into movies, I can only hope that these movies motivate children to read as though it has me. I as a teacher need to remove my bias of thinking that students shouldn't read books that are also movies because they know what happens in the story. Gratefully, "Girl with a Dragon Tattoo" has reminded me that their is much more to a story then what happens in it. A book details the life of a character much more completely and the setting is so much clearer. Thanks to the break from the school year, summer reading has reminded me that no movie can beat how enriching it is to read!

What are you reading this summer?

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