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image of Heather and her son with four other people

Flip the Classroom with Stress Reduction Practices

There are many approaches to stress reduction in the classroom. My favorite is from the Holistic Life Foundation. Not only are their practices rad, but the fact that they use a reciprocal teaching model to flip the classroom make it even less stressful for the teacher!
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Embracing Spanish Language Diversity

Kim Potowski is my new favorite author…although, I haven’t read her book.  I know she will be once I do read it.  My favorite authors have always been those who put my feelings into words. Last Thursday at the Illinois...

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Afro-Latino American Resources

I caught the end of a great webinar it was titled,  More than One Drop:  Race in Latin America.  I was most fascinated by the conversation about language.   One of my favorite books is ¡Hay que salvar a Sole!  I...

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Books del Sur Debuts at WEAC

Books del Sur first shared our book collection with the teachers of Wisconsin at the Wisconsin Education Association Conference.  The first books were purchased by an ESL teacher from Edgerton, Wisconsin. Thank you to the Wisconsin teachers for encouraging Heather...

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