Cuentan que en el reino de los animales


En el reino de los animales hay historias tan diferentes entre sí mismas. Esto se muestra en estos relatos de distintas culturas, llenas de sabiduría y humor, en donde participan: hormigas, una araña, una tortuga, un conejo, un zorro, perros, gatos, una gallina y un águila.

In the animal kingdom, there are stories as different as the animals themselves. Those differences are illustrated in these stories of different cultures, full of wisdom and humor. Some of the animals you will learn from are ants, a spider, a turtle, a rabbit, a fox, dogs and cats, a chicken and an eagle. It's a great way for children to learn about animals and cultures!

Author: Beuchat, Cecilia; Valdivieso, Carolina

Illustrator: María José Olavarría

Reading Grade Level: 2ND - 3RD

Type of Book: Picture

Fiction or Non-Fiction: Fiction

Pages: 40

Size: 20X20 CM

Hard or Soft Cover: Soft Cover

Year Published: 2013

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