La escapada de Ema


Ema tiene 8 años y acaba de recibir una noticia: tendrá un hermano. ¿Por qué sus padres querrán tener otro hijo?, ¿será que ella no les es suficiente? Estas interrogantes la llevan a tomar una decisión radical y, junto a su perro Sansón y su amigo Maxi, vive una gran aventura. 

Ema is 8 years old when she receives the news that she is going to have a baby brother. She is left wondering, why do her parents want to have another child? Isn't she enough? Frustrated by their actions, she along with her dog, Sansón and her friend, Maxi, go on a great adventure.

Author: Angélica Dossetti

Illustrator: Soledad Sebastián

Reading Grade Level: 2ND - 3RD, 3RD - 4TH

Type of Book: Chapter

Fiction or Non-Fiction: Fiction

Pages: 96

Size: 13 x 18,5 cm

Hard or Soft Cover: Soft Cover

Year Published: 2014

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