Darwin, un viaje al fin del mundo

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 En 1832, Charles Darwin realizó un viaje a bordo del Barco Beagle, desde Inglaterra hacia las costas de América del Sur. Mientras viajaba por la pampa Argentina, el sur y centro de Chile y las Islas Galápagos, logró recopilar elementos fundamentales para su innovadora teoría sobre la evolución de las especies. Esta biografía contada en forma de narrativa, involucra a los niños en la vida del científico, Charles Darwin.

In 1832 Charles Darwin embarked on a journey aboard the Beagle from England to the South American Coast. As he traveled to the Argentinean Pampas, South and Central Chile and the Galápagos Islands, each part of the journey helped shape the key elements to his groundbreaking theory of the evolution of species. This biography told in narrative form engages children in the life of the scientist, Charles Darwin.

Author: Ana María Pavez y Olaya Sanfuentes

Illustrator: Raquel Echenique

Reading Grade Level: 3RD - 4TH, 4TH - 5TH

Type of Book: Picture

Fiction or Non-Fiction: Non-Fiction


  • Biography
  • Science – Biology, Geology
  • Animals
  • Native Americans - Fueguinos of Tierra del Fuego

CCSS Standard: Informative Rung 4

Next Generation Science Standards:

Crosscutting Concepts 1. Patterns. Observed patterns of forms and events guide organization and classification, and they prompt questions about relationships and the factors that influence them.

Middle School, LS4 Biological Evolution: Unity and Diversity

Pages: 40

Size: 23,5 X 21,5 cm

Hard or Soft Cover: Soft Cover

Year Published: 2008

Set/Collection: This book is a part of the Biography Guided Reading Set