A la sombra del Terevaka


Cuando muere la madre de Isabel, ella debe ir a la isla de Pascua a reunirse con su padre, a quien odia porque la abandonó en su infancia. Él era un oficial naval. Allí descubre el amor de un joven nativo y revolucionario que impone sus principios sobre los de su padre. 

Shortly after her mother's death, Isabel goes to live with her father on Easter Island. Her father is a naval officer that abandoned her as a baby and she hates. There she falls in love with a young native and revolutionary that opposes her father's principles.

Author: Angélica Dossetti

Reading Grade Level: 9TH - 12TH

Type of Book: Chapter

Fiction or Non-Fiction: Fiction

Pages: 304

Size: 15X23

Hard or Soft Cover: Soft Cover

Year Published: 2016

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