Al principio, viajábamos solas


Una historia acerca de migración y los encuentros inesperados que suelen cambiarnos para siempre.

Eva and her mother Minerva are alone on a trip to great-grandma’s house; she’s been very sick. Along the way, they meet Nicte, an immigrant girl who was also traveling alone. Nicte is on her way to her grandfather’s house and Eva and Minerva offer to take her, and the girls become fast friends.

Author: Jairo Buitrago

Illustrator: Karina Cocq

Reading Grade Level: 5th

Type of Book: Picture

Fiction or Nonfiction: Fiction 

Cover: Soft Cover 

Year Published: 2019

Comprehensive Read Aloud Grade: 5th

Comprehensive Read Aloud Collection:   1 - Empatia

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