Atlas Americano


Author: Vega, Alejandra & Natalie Guerra

Illustrator: Sol Undurraga 

Reading Grade Level: 4TH - 5TH, 6TH - 8TH, 9TH - 12TH

Type of Book: Picture

Fiction or Non-Fiction: Non Fiction

This atlas of the diverse countries of the Americas reflects a long tradition in which the map serves to imagine, show, know and travel the world with the eyes. It shows the richness of the history of our continent, which brings together indigenous societies and different migrant cultures from Europe, Africa and other parts of the world. The geographical experience of the inhabitants of a continent so diverse in landscapes and people is expressed. The atlas incorporates aspects of physical, political and economic geography, dimensions that we commonly recognize in a current atlas. But also topics such as ecology, languages, landscape, daily practices and activities, national traditions, the characters of history and popular culture, tangible and intangible heritage, environmental challenges and their problems, among others, are incorporated.

Pages: 60

Size: 37 X 28 CM

Hard or Soft Cover: Hard Cover

Year Published: 2017