Blanca Nieve en Casas de los Enanos


Author: Gabriela Mistral

Illustrator: Paloma Valdivia

Reading Grade Level: PreK - K, K - 1ST, 1ST - 2ND, 2ND - 3RD, 3RD - 4TH, 4TH - 5TH

Type of Book: Picture

Fiction or Non-Fiction: Fiction

In this fragment of the fairy tale, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Gabriela Mistral recreates the scene when Snow White meets the seven dwarfs. The Nobel prize winning author originally published the story in the Colombian literary supplement “El Espectador” of Bogotá, April 23, 1925. Editorial Amanuta published this poem in story form nearly ninety years later with the contemporary illustrations of Carles Ballesteros.

Pages: 32

Size: 27 x 19 cm

Hard or Soft Cover: Hard Cover

Year Published: 2012