Caperucita Roja. The Graphic Novel


Una mañana, la joven Ruby se dispone a visitar la casa de su abuela. Lleva una Caperucita Roja para protegerla de las malvadas criaturas del bosque. ¿Pero lo hará? Un viejo lobo hambriento tiene sus propios planes malvados.

One morning, young Ruby sets out to visit her grandma's house. She wears a Red Riding Hood to protect her from the forest's evil creatures. But will it? A hungry, old wolf has some evil plans of his own.

Author: Martin Powell

Illustrator:  Victor Rivas

Reading Grade Level: 3RD - 4TH

Type of Spanish Book: Translated

Type of Book: Graphic Novel

Fiction or Nonfiction: Fiction

Pages:  40

Cover: Soft Cover

Year Published: 2010

Comprehensive Read Aloud Grade: 4th

Comprehensive Read Aloud Collection: 25 - Cuentos de Hadas a Través de Novela Gráficas

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