Capry Choza, la chiva más chiva del mundo


Capry Choza es una chivita inquieta, curiosa, caprichosa, acostumbrada a hacer lo que le viene en gana sin hacer caso de las recomendaciones de nadie, mucho menos de sus mayores. Por eso, una vez está a punto de ahogarse, otra es atropellada por una motocicleta, en una más se envenena por comer una planta que la sabe dañina, etc., etc. Solo cuando ya jovencita se enamora, se vuelve juiciosa. Pero cuando tiene su primera hija, Capry Chocita, la historia parece repetirse...

Capry Choza is a restless, curious, capricious goat, used to doing whatever she wants without paying attention to anyone's recommendations, much less her elders. For this reason, once she is about to drown, another time she is run over by a motorcycle, another time she is poisoned by eating a plant that she knows is harmful, etc., etc. Only when she is already young she falls in love with her, she becomes wise. But when she has her first daughter, Capry Chocita, history seems to repeat itself...

Author: Susana  Goldemberg

Illustrator: Roger Ycaza

Reading Grade Level: 3RD - 4TH

Type of Spanish Book: 

Type of Book: Chapter

Fiction or Nonfiction: Fiction

Pages:  100

Cover: Soft Cover

Year Published: 2014

Teacher Comment(s):

"This book is great for guided reading and or a book study. Students are able to follow along the journey of the main character (Capry) to determine moral of the story. Students can also read along and create a plot mountain and analyze their mountain as they read. Great addition to a classroom library! "