Cenicienta. La Novela Grafica


La malvada madrastra de Cenicienta no la deja ir al baile. Pero con un poco de ayuda de un Hada Madrina, llegará con estilo. Solo hay una trampa. A la medianoche, su vestido mágico se convertirá en trapos viejos y sucios.

Cinderella's wicked stepmother won't let her go to the ball. But with a little help from a Fairy Godmother, she'll be getting there in style. There's just one catch. At midnight, her magical gown will turn back into dirty old rags.

Author: Beth Bracken

Illustrator: Jeffrey Stewart Timmins

Reading Grade Level: 3RD - 4TH

Type of Spanish Book: Translated

Type of Book: Graphic Novel

Fiction or Nonfiction: Fiction

Pages:  40

Cover: Soft Cover

Year Published: 2010

Comprehensive Read Aloud Grade: 4th

Comprehensive Read Aloud Collection: 25 - Cuentos de Hadas a Través de Novela Gráficas

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