Chocolate y merengue


Martín y Upendo son dos niños aparentemente muy distintos. La primera vez que se encuentren descubrirán que las diferencias entre ellos son pocas y no impiden conocer el valor de la amistad.

Martín and Upendo are two children from different countries. The first time they meet, Martín thinks that he has never seen a boy the color of chocolate, and Upendo has never seen a boy the color of merengue. With a touch of humor and a lesson in empathy, they quickly discover that their differences won't get in the way of forming new friendships. 

Reading Grade Level: K - 1ST

Type of Spanish Book: 

Type of Book: Picture

Fiction or Nonfiction: Fiction

Cover: Hard Cover

Year Published: 2011

Comprehensive Read Aloud Grade: 1st

Comprehensive Read Aloud Collection:  3 - Ser un Buen Amigo

Comprehensive Read Aloud: Recursos y lecciones