Del Tío Jaguar y otros animales


Diez cuentos populares de animales de varias regiones de Latinoamérica, bellamente recreados para niños y niñas, en los que se enfrentan animales grandes pero torpes contra animales pequeños pero astutos; es un constante enfrentamiento de forzudos contra mañosos: por ejemplo, el mono y el conejo vencen siempre al jaguar.

Ten popular tales of animals from various regions of Latin America, beautifully recreated for boys and girls, in which large but clumsy animals face off against small but cunning animals; it is a constant confrontation of strongmen against mafiosi: for example, the monkey and the rabbit always beat the jaguar.

Author: Aída E. Marcuse

Illustrator: Roger Ycaza

Reading Grade Level: 2ND - 3RD

Type of Spanish Book: Authentic

Type of Book: Chapter

Fiction or Nonfiction: Fiction

Pages:  86

Cover: Soft Cover

Year Published: 2004

Teacher Comment(s):

"This books has many stories. Each of them can be read individually to target different skills. All the stories have the common theme of tricking someone by laying which can be used to support social emotional learning. The stories, especially the 1st one can be used as a mentor text to teach how to use dialogue, the use of different point of views, and other 2nd grade skills."