El rey pulga y otros cuentos


En estos cuentos hay un bichito que cuenta cuentos de amor, una hormiga que muere y regresa al hormiguero como fantasma travieso, y un rey pulga que vivía con sus súbditos en un perro negro y blanco del que es echado por abusivo…

In these stories there is a little bug that tells tales of love, an ant that dies and returns to the anthill as a mischievous ghost, and a flea king who lived with his subjects in a black and white dog from which he is kicked out for being abusive...

Author: Ana Elena Serrot

Reading Grade Level: K - 1ST

Type of Spanish Book: Authentic

Type of Book: Picture

Fiction or Nonfiction: Fiction

Pages:  24

Cover: Soft Cover

Year Published: 2002

Teacher Comment(s):

"This book has 5 short stories from different backgrounds. Stories are easy to read for young  readers 4 and.5 year. The Illustrations are clear and colorful. The book is a great tool to introduce culture and costumes about stories as a form to build strong bonding with family and friends."