¿Juguemos a saludarnos?


En esta historia el protagonista levanta una mano y la mueve suavemente de un lado a otro. Le gusta usar su mano para saludar a las personas que se asoman desde las ventanas de los trenes y buses. Algunos lo miran y le responden haciendo lo mismo. ¡Es un juego divertido! En las páginas de este libro los autores exploran lo que significa los saludos y las despedidas para un niño pequeño, siempre desde su punto de vista.

In this story the protagonist raises a hand and gently moves it from side to side. He likes to use his hand to greet people who look out of the windows of trains and buses. Some look at him and respond by doing the same. It's a fun game! In the pages of this book, the authors explore what greetings and goodbyes mean to a young child, always from their point of view.

Author: Luz Santa Maria y Cota Olea

Reading Grade Level: 1ST - 2ND

Type of Book: Picture

Fiction or Nonfiction: Fiction

Pages:  36

Cover: Hard Cover

Year Published: 2021

Teacher Comment(s):

"It is a book about grace and courtesy and the importance of being in contact with the community. The book is multicultural, inclusive, the illustrations are so inviting to continue looking for so many details that incorporate family, culture, feelings, literature, math. It opens a door to create a story and feel identified with some illustrations."