La Decision De Koki


En el planeta Dragonia, el color lo determina todo: si naces rosa, serás amable y te gustará cuidar bebés, en cambio, si naces azul, tirarás fuego y no podrás gritar, aunque tengas miedo. Sin embargo, Koki siempre se ha sentido diferente. ¿Se resignará a hacer lo que se espera de él o cambiará su mundo para siempre?

On the planet Dragonia, color determines everything: if you are born pink, you will be kind and like taking care of babies, on the other hand, if you are born blue, you will shoot fire and you will not be able to scream, even if you are afraid. However, Koki has always felt different. Will he resign himself to doing what is expected of him or will he change his world forever?

Author: Varios autores

Illustrator:  Félix Rousseau

Reading Grade Level: K - 1ST, 1ST - 2ND, 3RD

Type of Spanish Book: Authentic

Type of Book: Picture

Fiction or Nonfiction: Fiction

Pages:  24

Cover: Soft Cover

Year Published: 2020