La tienda de las palabras


Este cuento nos habla sobre un pueblo en el que los habitantes se han quedado sin palabras, por ende recurren a la Tienda de las Palabras para comprarlas. Pero se dan cuenta que en la inmediatez de adquirirlas no logran nada. No solucionan su problema hasta que aparece el Pájaro de Fuego.

This story tells us about a town in which the inhabitants have run out of words, so they turn to the Word Store to buy them. But they realize that in the immediacy of acquiring them they achieve nothing. They don't solve your problem until the Firebird appears.

Author: Ana Maria Deik

Illustrator: Daslav Maslov

Reading Grade Level: PreK - K

Type of Spanish Book: Authentic

Type of Book: Picture

Fiction or Nonfiction: Fiction

Pages:  24

Size:  20 x 20 cm

Cover: Soft Cover

Year Published: 2019

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