Libros Azules Guided Reading Set


Books del Sur Our Fiction Guided Reading Sets support reading instruction.  Specifically, they are intended to support reading accuracy, fluency, and understanding. The wide variety of fiction genres within the sets also expands readers’ understanding of text structures.  Some of our narratives follow the non-linear discourse of Latin American literature.

The Libros Azules collection is full of illustrations that support the rich language of the texts.

The set includes:

  • 20 different titles,
  • 6 copies of each title
  • All Authentic Spanish Children’s Picture Books, no translations

Genres include:

  • Realistic Fiction,
  • Narratives Featuring Animals as the main character,
  • Fantasy stories,
  • Books of poems, songs, rhymes

Reading Grade Level: 1ST - 2ND

Fiction or Non-Fiction: Fiction