Tamika es la historia de dos niñas, una africana y una latinoamericana que cada noche, cada una en su tierra escuchan de sus madres el cuento sobre una niña de otro continente, a la que luego, en sus sueños reconocerán como a una amiga y hermana.

A beautiful authentic Spanish book written about two girls one African and one Latin American that listen to a story told by their mothers every night about a girl living on another continent. Their story is united one night when they dream of meeting and discover their similarities.

Author: Tamara Vidaurrazaga

Illustrator: Karina Cocq

Reading Grade Level: PreK - K, K - 1ST, 1ST - 2ND

Type of Book: Picture

Fiction or Non-Fiction: Fiction

Pages: 32

Size: 16 X 16

Hard or Soft Cover: Hard Cover

Year Published: 2015