Un vampiro peligrozo


Una niña paseaba por la calle vacía de la lejana Transilvania cuando ¡apareció una enorme sombra! ¡Una sombra que asombra! "¡ZOY UN VAMPIRO! ¡UN VAMPIRO PELIGROZO!" La niña tembló, pero de risa. Este vampirito no consigue dar un susto a nadie. A este paso no podrá superar el examen de la escuela de vampiros…

A girl was walking down the empty street of distant Transylvania when a huge shadow appeared! A shadow that amazed! "A VAMPIRE!" A DANGEROUS VAMPIRE!
The girl trembled, but laughed. This little vampire can't scare anyone. At this rate he won't be able to pass the vampire school exam ...

This little vampire is very scary! Or rather… ZCARY! To pass his Vampire Test, he must give someone the scare of their life. If he fails, he’ll be sent to… Banana Peeler School! Can he pull off the biggest scare ever or will he fail the test?

Author: Jose Carlos Andres

Illustrator: Gomez

Reading Grade Level: 1ST

Type of Book: Picture

Fiction or Nonfiction: Fiction

Pages:  40

Cover: Soft Cover

Year Published: 2020

Comprehensive Read Aloud Grade: 1st

Comprehensive Read Aloud Collection: 13- Historias Graciosas

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