La protagonista de esta novela es una adolescente que vive día y noche conectada a su teléfono celular. Más que encontrarse con Sylvain, el compañero que le gusta, prefiere hablar por teléfono con él. Pero un día su vida da un vuelco al meterse en el celular que Sylvain ha olvidado.

The main character of this novel is like most teenagers, she lives day and night connected to her cell phone. One day her life turns upside down when Sylvain, a classmate she likes, leaves his cell phone and she goes through it. A translation from French that is contemporary and relevant to today's teen issues.

Author: Raphaele Frier

Reading Grade Level: 9TH - 12TH

Type of Book: Chapter

Fiction or Non-Fiction: Fiction

Size: 13 x 18,5 cm

Hard or Soft Cover: Soft Cover

Year Published: 2014

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