Viste América


¡Plumas, pieles, semillas y lanas! Desde hace muchísimos años los habitantes de América se han vestido con lo que la naturaleza les brinda. Te invito a conocer sus trajes, collares, sombreros y tocados a través de este colorido libro.

Feathers, furs, seeds and wool! For many years the people of the Americas have found ways to clothe themselves with the treasures nature offers. This colorful picture book invites you explore their many costumes, garments, necklaces, hats, and accessories.

Author: Maya Hanisch

Illustrator: Maya Hanisch

Reading Grade Level: PreK - K, K - 1ST, 1ST - 2ND, 2ND - 3RD, 3RD - 4TH, 4TH - 5TH

Type of Book: Picture

Fiction or Non-Fiction: Fiction

Pages: 32

Size: 16 X 22,5 cm

Hard or Soft Cover: Hard Cover

Year Published: 2013

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