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Frida Kahlo cartoon holding out a hand

Woman's Day Lesson and Activities

Wednesday, March 8, 2017 is International Women’s Day.  It was initiated in the United States in 1909, when the garment workers organized a protest against their working conditions.  It was first celebrated on March 8 in 1975, when the United...

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Migrar book layout

Voices from the South: Migrar

Migrar is an amazing story of a young boy's journey from the North to the South. His experiences are similar to many others that have made the journey.
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Cuentos de los derechos del nino book cover

Día de los niños

Books del Sur & my classroom is celebrating Dia de los ninos by learning about the United Nations Rights of the Child.
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Afro-Latino American Resources

I caught the end of a great webinar it was titled,  More than One Drop:  Race in Latin America.  I was most fascinated by the conversation about language.   One of my favorite books is ¡Hay que salvar a Sole!  I...

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