About us

Books del Sur was established by two longtime friends, Heather Robertson and Ignacio Muñoz. When Heather became frustrated with the lack of quality Spanish literature available in her bilingual classroom, she contacted Ignacio in Chile. He used his business experience and knowledge of Chilean media to access books for her students.

Heather is currently running Books del Sur full-time in Antioch, IL after working in public schools for 17 years. She is grateful for the many roles she played in the schools as a:

  • 3rd  - 5th  grade Bilingual Teacher
  • 4th Grade Dual Language Teacher
  • 4K-5 English as a Second Language Teacher
  • 6th Grade Bilingual Language Arts, Science, and World History Teacher
  • Level 1 Spanish Language Teacher
  • Elementary School Instructional Coach
  • District Professional Development Teacher

She has had the pleasure of working in Milwaukee Public Schools, Wis., Madison Metropolitan School District, Wis., and Glendale Unified School District, Calif.  

Her passion for Latin American literature stems from a Bachelor's Degree in International Relations and Latin American Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She also has a Masters in Educational Leadership and Policy from California State University - Northridge. 

Her experience acquiring and instructing with Spanish children’s literature and her love of Latin America drive her to make Books del Sur a resource for teachers, librarians, administrators, and parents to access and understand Latin American literature.

Heather and Ignacio are still connected.  Their families gather together by the lakes of Madison, Wisconsin, the ocean in Cozumel, and the coast of Chile. Their families continue their friendship they started 25 years ago. For both of them, one of the greatest gifts of learning another language is their friendship because it is an extension of their family that reach across the world.  Books del Sur hopes to support you, your families, and our communities. Please reach out to us info@booksdelsur.org.

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