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Books del Sur curates Latin America Spanish-language literature to support dual language curriculum.
Books del Sur curates Latin America Spanish-language literature to support dual language curriculum.

Book Clubs: Recursos y lecciones

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Books del Sur recognizes that teaching materials are critical for teachers as our role is exhaustive. We have created the following resources to ensure that teachers are able to be responsive to their students. 





Why use Book Clubs to support Spanish literacy?

How do the book clubs align with biliteracy?


What are the book clubs? How are they organized? What is in them? 

Grade Level Collections 


Collections by Themes

Kindergarten Book Clubs 

  • Palabras y Pistas – Words and Clues
  • Eventos y personajes – Events and Characters

1st Grade Book Clubs 

  • Poesía - Poetry 
  • Expresarse – Express Yourself
  • Resiliencia - Resilience
  • Cooperación - Cooperation

2nd Grade Book Clubs  

  • Cuentos cortos – Short Stories
  • Identidad - Identity
  • Resolver problemas – Problem Solving
  • Compartir experiencias – Shared experiences

3rd Grade Book Clubs 

  • Fábulas y Hadas – Fables and Fairy Tales
  • Ser diferente – Being Different
  • Narrativa personal – Personal Narratives
  • Resolver problemas – Problem Solving

4th Grade Book Clubs  

  • Justicia - Justice
  • El mundo natural – The Natural World
  • Cuentos culturales – Cultural Stories
  • Punto de vista – Point of View
  • La tierra – The Earth

5th Grade Book Clubs  

  • Lenguaje - Language
  • Hechos - Facts
  • El mundo de fantasía – Fantasy Worlds
  • Curiosidad - Curiosity
  • Responsabilidades - Responsibilities

Discussion Resources / Recursos de discusión 

Book Clubs are an opportunity for students to socialize around great literature! In order to fully realize the experience, it is critical that the expectations for discussion are clear, they have tools to reflect on their books, and receive feedback to improve. The following are our suggestions of how to facilitate book clubs successfully.

Recursos para cada nivel de grado

These are for teachers and students. Teachers can use them for Book Talks to introduce the book choices in each set. Students will use them to set the purpose and direct their work. They are divided into three parts - Antes de leer (Before Reading), Durante la lectura (During Reading), and Después de leer (After Reading). 

Book Club Discussion Guide
Normas y evaluacion de discurso