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Books del Sur curates Latin America Spanish-language literature to support dual language curriculum.
Books del Sur curates Latin America Spanish-language literature to support dual language curriculum.

U-46 Comprehensive Read Aloud Collection Resources

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The Comprehensive Read Aloud Collections were created with 25 themes per grade level. These themes while they related to the U-46 Units, they are not exact. U-46 Teachers and Leaders have aligned the books to each of the Units. 


Purpose / Objective

Comprehensive Read Aloud time is the first step in gradual release of responsibility. During this time, the goal is to model fluent reading and facilitate conversation. Comprehensive Read Alouds and gradual release of responsiblity

Instructional Content

Selecting the books you will read depends on the U-46 Unit content objectives.

Please follow this guide to access your U-46 Units and ELL Alignment Documents or view the video created by Maria Chamorro, Instructional Coach. 

U-46 ELL Alignment Document

Planning for Instruction

Now that you've identified the big ideas of the U-46 Units, it is time to select texts for your Unit Read Alouds. U-46 teachers and staff have aligned the books to the units. The number after the title indicates the bag number where you can find the book.U-46 Example ELL Integrated Curriculum Alignment

Plan with book and big ideas and identify their intersections

  • Example: Unit 2, Las manchas de Vinca
    • Science - Make observations of plant and animal structures to construct and support a claim that young plants and animals have similar features to their parents.
    • Literacy - Retell a variety of literary and informational texts and demonstrate an understanding of these texts by drawing on key details to describe the story elements

Determine the best delivery to YOUR students

  • Length - 1st Grade – 15 minutes
  • Connect to prior knowledge
  • Vocabulary needed
  • How much to read? Consider stamina and retell ability.

If you would like to see an example check out the lesson for the book Las manchas de Vinca.

In addition you can see the full presentation of why, what and how to teach the Comprehensive Read Alouds in U-46 professional development presentation. The passcode is: ^67%z@M9

All the resources to support your read alouds are available in the following Google Drive. Please copy the folder to your drive and organize them so that they are easily accessible to you!

Google Drive Resources

If you have any questions please contact us at info @