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Professional Development Sessions Facilitation

All sessions are facilitated by Heather Robertson-Devine.  Robertson-Devine is the founder and owner of Books del Sur. She leads Books del Sur’s mission to publish and curate authentic Spanish literature from Latin America.  She is driven by her 16 years of dual language teaching and coaching as a public-school educator in Wisconsin and California. She has developed Spanish book collections for organizations and school districts for the past six years.  She has been trained in Adaptive Schools, Reflective Coaching, and the Teaching for Biliteracy, Bilingual Unit Framework.  She was WIDA’s Featured Educator for August 2015.  She holds a Masters of Educational Leadership and Policy from California State University of Northridge and an undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in International Relations and Latin American & Iberian Studies.  To read more about her experiences see her chapter, “The Activist Teacher” in Sonia Nieto’s book Why We Teach Now.  References are available upon request.

Professional Development Services

Books del Sur believes that the high-quality professional learning includes a combination of coaching, consulting, and presenting.  This combination should occur consistently, continually, and as integrated as possible into teachers’ day and schedules. 

  1. Building Instructional Capacity for Authentic Spanish Literacy – a comprehensive approach to introduce authentic Spanish literature into your school district by building educator leadership capacity and knowledge with resources, group coaching, and professional development sessions for a maximum of 6 participants.


Kick Off: Full Day PD session

Six Virtual or Half Day Sessions

Celebration and Presentation of Knowledge Session

  1. Presenting – a time to extend and enrich knowledge, skills, and value of authentic Spanish children’s literature. Presentations offer information, time to process, and time to plan for implementation. 

Suggested topics are:

  • Benefits and Challenges of the Three Types of Spanish Books: Translated, Bilingual, and Authentic
  • Do you have Reading Fever?: Engaging with Authentic Spanish Literature
  • Books Beyond the Smoke and Mirrors: Nuances of Authentic Spanish Literature
  • The Power of Language: Word Study and Authentic Literature
  • Author Study: The Authors of Latin America
  • Spanish Literature’s Reading Levels a Critical Look at Current Reading Levels

 3. Consulting –1 hour one time or multiple sessions with an individual or a small group. Preparation for the topic and reviewing materials is included. Written proposals or presentations of next steps is considered additional time.

Suggested topics are:

  • Book Selection for Grade Levels, Genres, Themes
  • Connecting Reading and Writing Workshop
  • Connecting Spanish and English Literacy through Resources or Books for the Bridge and Beyond
  • Spanish Book Collection Development

Increase your Spanish book collection with authentic books from Books del Sur and other authentic booksellers, U.S. bilingual and Spanish books, and high quality translated Spanish books. 

  • Not sure what I need – 30-minute FREE consultation
  • Advanced, Proficient, and Basic Levels of Collection Development 

 4. Coaching –one on one, 1 hour sessions that focus on specific goals while developing knowledge, confidence, and self- directed learning. Ideal for Literacy Coaches, District Leaders, or Grade Level Leaders. The sessions will follow the coaching cycle of: planning, data collection, and reflection. 

  • Planning conversations – clarify goals, identify indicators of success, establish what and how data will be collected, and reflect on the planning process.
  • Data collection – data will be collected that aligns to the established goals and outcomes.
  • Reflection – a time to summarize lesson/goal, analyze factors that contribute to success, construct new learning, committed to the application, and reflect on the conversation.


Research demonstrates that coaching is the most effective way to increase knowledge and effectiveness.  These sessions would be weekly for a minimum of 6 weeks.  We recommend two nine week sessions in the Fall and the Spring. 



Please contact heather@booksdelsur.org for more information or to schedule your professional development service.