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Books del Sur curates Latin America Spanish-language literature to support dual language curriculum.
Books del Sur curates Latin America Spanish-language literature to support dual language curriculum.


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Renato está cansado de que su compañero de clases, Camilo Rodríguez, lo maltrate; por eso decide defenderse de él, pero no lo hará con puños, ni patadas, ni empujones, sino con palabras. Busca en el diccionario las palabras más feas para gritárselas cada vez que lo agreda. Todas empezarán con la letra P. La mamá de Renato es escritora y le enseñará que las palabras pueden doler más que los golpes. Ella le regala una palabra: Retintín, para que haga con ella lo que quiera. Un día, Renato se entera de que su madre escribe un libro en el que él y Camilo son los protagonistas. Se la muestra y entre los dos surge una amistad. Entonces, Renato le regala a Rodríguez la palabra que su mamá le dio. Sin embargo, cuando más unidos están su nuevo amigo tiene que irse a vivir a otro país.




Renato is tired of his classmate, Camilo Rodríguez, mistreating him; That is why he decides to defend himself against him, but he will not do it with fists, kicks, or pushes, but with words. He looks up the ugliest words in the dictionary to yell at him every time he attacks him. They will all start with the letter P. Renato's mom is a writer and will teach him that words can hurt more than blows. She gives him a word: Retintín , so that he can do with it what he wants. One day, Renato finds out that his mother is writing a book in which he and Camilo are the protagonists. She shows it to him and a friendship develops between the two. So, Renato gives Rodríguez the word that his mother gave him. However, when they are closer, his new friend has to go live in another country.

Reading Grade Level: 4TH - 5TH

Type of Spanish Book: Authentic

Type of Book: Chapter

Genre: Fiction

Pages: 110

Size: 10

Cover: Soft Cover

Year Published: 2018

Teacher Comments: 

"A read that touches all the emotions - the reader experiences laughter, sadness, joy, pity - all in one book. The clever touch of the protagonist using the dictionary to find words to defend himself will lend to using this book as classroom discussion. We can challenge our students to find words to defend themselves, a position they hold, or an opinion they have."