Pride Month Resources

Pride Month Resources

June is Pride Month! Pride Month commemorates the Stonewall Riots which sparked the gay rights movement. Pride Month also celebrates the LGBTQ+ culture and their members' contributions to society. It's important that we represent all students in our classrooms. Here are some resources you can use not only this month, but anytime of the year!


Here you can find some of our texts that feature LGBTQ+ people, children exploring/breaking gender identity norms, teens exploring their sexuality, and more!

As for English texts, Cardinal Rule Press has a book called Dazzling Travis, which displays how a child can be themself and live without social norms. It will be 30% off for the month of June when you use the code BEPROUD at checkout. Head on over and grab a copy (or two)!

Share with your students about Mexican artist and queer woman, Frida Kahlo! You can find some examples of how she impacted the LGBTQ+ community in more ways than one.

And finally, here you can find a range of pride themed classroom resources from ADL that cover grades K-12 and can be used anytime during the school year.

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